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Terminal for truck scale


Weighing indicator XK3190-A9 adopts high precision double integral A/D conversion technology, widely applied in electronic floor scale,electronic truck 
                                               scale,static railroad scale and so on alike static weighing 
                                               system equipped with 1~8 load cell.

- A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
- Use inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
- Zero range setup (auto/manual)
- Fast filled weighing bill print setup
- Save 255 vehicle ID/net weight, 100 cargo ID, and 205 weighing records
- Weighing data save protection in case of power off
- Battery indication and low battery protection

Model A9 A9P
Input signal range 1mV~24mV
Input sensitivity  1V/e
Load cell Excitation Dc 8V
Max. load cell connection 8 at 350 ohm
Display 7 bits LED ,7 status indications
Standard interface

RS232C serial communication,
Scoreboard at 20mA current loop
Parallel printer

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