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proname :XK3190-A23P


Weighing indicator Xk3190-A23P is a price-computing indicator with three LCD display windows and built-in printer. It is able to apply in static weighing system equipped with 1-4 load cell such as electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale etc.

Standard function

◆Standard price-computing function
◆Standard built-in stylus printer
◆Able to save and call 100 unit prices
◆Accumulation function, including accumulation display and accumulation clear, able to select to print details and accumulation note
◆Able to inquiry the saved records by pressing the buttons
◆Able to select items to print freely
◆Simply counting function, and able to price-computing by the quantity
◆Able to save, inquiry and print 1000 weighing records
◆Standard RS232 interface, and optioanl communication format
◆Optional high-low limits alarm function
◆Optional KG/LB one-key switch function

Technical parameter

◆Accuracy class: III
◆Max verified counts: 3000
◆Input signal range: -16 – 18mV
◆AD conversion method: Σ-Δ
◆Load cell excitation: DC 5V
◆Load cell connection mode: 4 wire
◆Number of connection load cell: 1 – 4 at 350Ω
◆Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz; DC built-in 6V/5AH rechargeable battery
◆Time for preheat: 15 minutes
Scoreboard interface:
◆Interface type: current loop
◆Baud rate: 600
◆Transmission distance: <2000 meters
Printer interface:
◆Standard panel type mini printer
◆Standard serial print interface, able to connect printer LQ-300K+, baud rate 9600
Serial communication interface:
◆RS232Transmission type: RS232
◆Baud rate: 600/1200/2400/4800/9600(optional)